Urban Rhythm Factory
                          Besides serving the all important requirements of
                          discerning musicians, the Urban Rhythm Factory is
designed to excite the corporate advertising world, not only in the quality
of music it puts out, but in the shear aesthetics of it's design. Situated in
the heart of Lone Hill's media production complex, this is the birth place
of a considerable amount of music and sound tracks for the TV and Film

With the Studio's great visual appearance, it is also the scene of many
music programs and documentaries. The camera and sound men here,
prepare for the filming of a music groups arrival at the recording studio.
Reception Area
Studio 1 - Control Room
Studio 1 - Different views
Studio 1 - Sound Room
Studio 2 - Control Room
Studio 2 - Sound Room
Studio 3 - Control Room
Mastering Room
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