Eclipse Music - Studio
Unlike the corporate design of Urban Rhythm Factory, Eclipse Music Studio is constructed for ultimate
performance, sound quality and ease of use for both the recording artists and the sound engender. This
studio is custom built from the floor up, with features like hand made four inch sound proof doors and
rubber mounted double glazed windows in custom made frames. The 43sq meter sound room has an
extremely quiet and sweet sound, making it a favourite, especially for vocal takes. The relativly large size,
by current standards, allows for live recordings, large choirs and chamber orchestras. It shows in the
numerous recordings and production work that has been done over the years.

The Control Room runs on a 4 computer engine, synchronised by time code, each running the best
software in their respective fields. ie. hard disk recording, sequencing, sythesizers, and samplers.
Analogue recorders and video editing is linked into the same time code bus.

Some of the work produced in the Eclipse Music Studio can be listened to on navigating to "Albums"
(the yellow button below)
Control Room
Control Room - Producer
Control Room - Rear views
Sound Room
Sound Room - Other views
Sound Room & Artists
Sound Room - Live Recording
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