The Space Time Parable
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                                  Review by Ellen Fritz

Captivating in the extreme, The Space Time Parable is a space opera with a very strong paranormal element. Zentran and Zak, with their special abilities, are targets for the councilís subversive plans to dominate and utilize individuals with gifts. What can they do to thwart the Confederationís Council and bring justice to many similarly gifted people who are being oppressed?

It took me a while to get truly absorbed in this novel. However, when the topics of psychic gifts like telepathy and telekinesis, as well as past lives and time manipulation were introduced, I was hooked.

The world building in this novel is extremely inventive. It presents the reader with a highly imaginative variety of planets and cultures. The technology on these planets is diverse in nature, thus gripping the reader's imagination.
The characters are lifelike and, in general, likable and easy to identify with. As a main character, Zentran would appeal to most readers, especially those who like the main character in the roll of ultimate hero. A seemingly minor character who stood out to me however, was the mystical future predicting physician, Mert.

Although at first the story appears to be a straight forward predictable narrative, sudden plot twists and a rather unexpected end makes it an extraordinary read that is guaranteed to keep you engaged throughout. This book will hold particular appeal for those who love sword fighting. Concepts like astral travel and transmigration of the soul also receive a great deal of attention in this novel.

For a tale that will take you through galaxies, to fantastic planets with fascinating inhabitants and into clubs and haunts with the most amazing technology, I recommend The Space Time Pabable as a very worthwhile read.           My rating: 5 stars.     Ellen Fritz
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