Natalie Northover - Steam
                                    songs are
an intricate mesh of thought
provoking poetry, with fine
melody. These lyrics concern
both everyday topics
prevalent today, as well as
timeless issues, as seen
against our contemporary
standpoint. Steam -
Andrew, Ivan and Sean
have added their
individual interpretation
to this with their style and
talent of play, to bring out
and enhance the
emotional content of the
lyrics and melody. This
makes for an awesome
listening experience.
Charlie too iced the cake
with cleaver keyboards and vocoder, interlaced into the interplay
of vocal and instruments. Nelly's amazing Violin technique
on "City" and "Rocking you" further add emotional colour
in sweetness and drive to these songs. Eric and his
"Book of Acts" Church Choir's contribution to the track
"Sacrifice", blends beauty with the haunting plea of
Natalie's lyrics. Adrian and Luke, who I had the pleasure
of working with at the project's inception, had a lot to do
with making it happen. Amy and Chloe's harmonies
also helped. I could go on and tell you how these songs
moved me, and what they mean to me, but I won't. It
                            would detract from having that experience
                                      for yourself. I had the privilege of
                                      putting it together and contributing
                                        what I could. Now you can sit
                                        back and enjoy it just as much.
                                        - Brian Leathlean
All Songs written by Natalie Northover
Production and arrangements by Steam
and Brian Leathlean
Engineers: Brian Leathlean & Andrew Webber
Recorded and mixed at Eclipse Music
I Made My Mark
What A Sacrifice
Snap Jack
Are You Listening To Me
Rocking You
The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth
Say No More
Trick Up Your Sleeve
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