Morris Cohen - Earth Songs
                          A few years ago Daryl Du Plessis, a great drummer
                          I'd played with in various bands since we were
teen-agers, phoned me on a Saturday afternoon. He invited me, and
my girl friend at the time to accompany him and his girl friend to a
garden pub in Midrand. Besides being a pleasant outing, it was also
to support another musician and mutual friend - Dave Campbell, who
was playing there with his new band. The venue was "Viva Espania",
a Spanish style restaurant that ran a great outside Beer Garden. In
the intense South African summer, the atmosphere was much like
that of the Spanish Mediterranean. The band was good, the crowd
was festive and we enjoyed the music with a few cold ales.
            When Dave's band took a break, Daryl, being a care free
extrovert, and of course to impress the ladies, suggested that he and
I have a jam with two of Dave's band members. It was a great jam
and the crowd loved it as much as we did. People from inside the
restaurant came outside to listen as well. So did the Restaurant
Manager. His name was Morris Cohen. He turned out to be a
professional musician who'd taken a break from the road and was
masquerading very well as a restaurant manager. He asked to join
us in jamming for a few songs. I was blown away with the quality of
his voice and his totally natural singing style. It had been acquired
by years on the road, countless gigs and unspoiled by any form of
tuition. Listening to his awesome talent I knew I'd found the singer
I wanted to sing my songs. - Brian Leathlean

Produced, arranged, recorded and mixed at Eclipse Music
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