Helen of Troy
                                    Based in part on "The Iliad" by
Homer (900 years BC) translated by E. V. Rieu...

Here are some short excerpts from this masterpiece,
with a brief written account of the amazing story as it
unfolds. There is much more in the full versions of
these songs...

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    Helen of Troy Double CD box set
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      Disk One
  1. Hades One
  2. An Apple
  3. You Chose Me
  4. Sparta
  5. The Reception
  6. The Dance
  7. Menelaus' Warning
  8. You Take My Breath Away
  9. Aphrodite
10. Council of The Kings
11. On to Troy
12. Questions and Answers
13. Hector
14. The War Begins
15. The Fued
16. The Love I Had
      Disk Two
  1. Hades II
  2. Battle Resumes
  3. Priam's Sons
  4. Though We Must Say Goodbye
  5. Two Loves
  6. Achaeans At Bay
  7. Patrocles Goes Too Far
  8. Achilles' Remorse
  9. Clash Of The Titans
10. Hector Defiled
11. Priam's Plea
12. Helen of Troy
13. The End Begins
14. You Chose Me
15. Something Goes Wrong
16. Nothing Can Change Our Love
17. Follow Me
18. Heart of Helen
19. I Get The Blame
20. A Hourse
21. The End

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