Helen of Troy auditions
                          Should you wish to audition for any of the various parts
in the latest production of Helen of Troy - The Rock Opera, and feel you
have what it takes, we will be very happy to hear from you. This is an
exciting production with great songs and a powerfull story. Navigate to
the Albums page to read the reviews, hear excerpts from the songs and
get a feel for the production. One of the songs has already been to
number 1 on the Higheld Stereo Hit Parade.

All auditions will be video'd for possible inclusion in a subsequent
reality show and full length music video version planned for the
production. It will be a lot of fun and wonderful experience. The various
parts are: Helen, Maid 1, Maid 2, Andromache, Aphrodite, Athena, Hera,
First Muse, Muses, Menelaus, Agamemnon, Achilles, Patrocles, Herald,
Paris, Priam, Hector, Priest, Aeneas, and Hades.
If you don't have a particular part in mind, we'll asses which part best
suits you. Past characters are welcome to participate.

Navigate to the Contact Us page for contact details of Brian or
Charles. We are waiting for your e-maill or call. Best of luck.
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