Ingwe - Leopard
          A movie by John Varty portraying the Leopard.

Vocals: Debbie Buchan
Choir: Bus Stop
Mouth Organ: Morris Cohen
Flute: Chris Tokalon (full version)
Acoustic Guitar: Morris Cohen & Brian Leathlean
Composition: John Varty
Arangement & midi progamming: Brian Leathlean
Recorded & mixed at Eclipse Music
                              When John Varty recorded the quide track, I decided
on a big sounding African style choir, and sent my assistant out to
find one. To my astonishment he came back quite quickly and told
me he had auditioned people at a bus stop. They were waiting there
to be picked up. It took three trips to pick them up and ferry them back
to the studio in my old Jaguar. After a short session of dividing them
up into their vocal ranges and teaching them their parts, the result
was amaising to both John and myself. Thus we called the choir -
Bus Stop.
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