Studio Design & Building
                          When one embarks on building a studio, it is in itself a work of art. Although there is a lot of
tangible material, cutting edge technology and a given space to put it in, it should be put together in a way
that is an inspiration to work in. In short, a studio is in itself, a piece of art in which to create art.

Musician very often work under appalling conditions. The sound or acoustics of most venues is the last
thing in it's design to be considered, resulting in an overall sound, which is a series of bad compromises.
Commonly this is disguised with massive volume. Crank it up to where everyone's ears are distorting and
sound is oblivious, is the usual way to handle the situation.

A sound studio though is the musician's domain. This is world where there are no compromises, and all
of the artist's attention is focused on creativity. From the overall layout, the shape, texture and colour of the
walls, ceiling and floor, to the precision of the gear and it's accessible placement. Furnished with these
tools, the sound engineer too is an artist. The highly attuned artist in any field deserves nothing less.
When they walk into their space, it must be recognizable as such. There is that adrenalin rush.
The emotional feeling of enthusiasm that transforms into exhilaration, and the artist knows this is home.
It is time to create.

We are proud to show you some such studios designed and built by Brian Leathlean.
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